Send us a File

Instructions to make and send a quickbooks file backup
  1. Open the file you want to send to us
  2. Select file (at the top left corner) and then select Create Backup
  3. Select Local backup
  4. Then click on Options, this will take you to a new screen with a browse button. Select Browse
  5. We suggest saving it to Documents so you know where it is but feel free to do it elsewhere if you want. It is very important that you remember where the file is because you will need to find the file later.
  6. When you have selected where to save you file select OK and then OK
  7. Select Save it now is the correct optionIf it gives you a warning about a remote computer just click OK
  8. It will give you an option to name the file something different if you want. If you are OK with the name select save
  9. If it asks for it then select
  10. The computer will show a progress bar as it saves the backup