Income Tax Preparation

We provide T1 income tax preparation for personal clients.  We also provide income tax preparation and planning for self employed businesses, whether you have a partnership or proprietorship.  As part of this we also file sales tax (GST) returns for your business.

Professional Accounting Services



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With our background in farming, if you are a farmer and are part of the Agristability program, we can file the Agristability forms as part of your tax return.

Tax Planning

If you are concerned about the income tax you pay we will help you plan legal ways to minimize it.


We prepare notice to reader financial statements and T2 corporate income tax returns together with advice with bookkeeping.


If paperwork is not your thing, we can do your bookkeeping for you.  If you can do it but sometimes have questions we are glad to assist you with either your paper/manual system or your computerized system.

Consulting Services

Part of a successful business is planning for events that can happen.  We are here to help you with incorporation if that is in your plan.  We can help with other issues like buying or selling a business, financial and retirement planning, and accounting and software selection.

Succession Planning

Many parents would like to sell their business or farm to their children in a way that the child can afford to keep the family business viable.  I am a firm believer that this should be possible and that we can find a way to make it work.


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